Your ideal Martini
(11-01-2010, 04:22 PM)3Sanctus Wrote: Drinking chocolate-flavored alcoholic beverages leads to becoming a sociopath?

its always a possibility!
ok lets get serious here!  Get yourself some "Most Wanted" made by highplains distillery here in KS.  Put a small amount of vermouth.  Get some kickass olives, pour in a little olive juice.  There is your awesome martini.  For me what makes a martini great is if I've worked really hard during the day.   
Mmmm...I haven't had a martini in ages.  Specifically, I haven't had a martini since 5 years ago in Vegas.  :(

But I was a bartender for a good while and was KNOWN for my martinis.  I had several customers come and shake my hand, saying that I served the best martini they ever had.    :wench:

My fave was always Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire with a DECENT splash of dry vermouth and an even more decent splash of olive juice ( I like my martinis like I like my men....okay, not really.) Enough to tinge it.  Then you had to shake it until it was totally opaque with ice crystals

My number one pet peeve in bars was this snobbish attitude that no bartender was worth his salt if he/she used vermouth.  The very idea of a martini without vermouth is ridiculous.  You might as well be a stupid frat boy doing vodka shots on ice.

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