How do you choose health insurance?
In the United States insurance is regulated by each individual state, so what is available in one state may not be available in another.  Some states supplement what is available on the commercial market for low income families and children, others don’t, and those are the type of programs being cut back now anyway.

(10-24-2010, 04:35 PM)kirk.andrew Wrote: The university I attend provides health insurance for me, but I still have to buy a health insurance plan for my wife on my own.

The university is most likely purchasing a health insurance policy from an established company that is allowed to do business in that state, for their students.  They may have even negotiated a proprietary policy for their institution.  Or, if it is a public university, the policy may be part of a state owned and administered insurance pool.

Without knowing where you are at, but based on how things are done in WA state, I would be surprised if you couldn’t purchase (often at a subsidized rate) insurance coverage for your family through the university.  Where I work at Washington State University there is an International Student Office that advises and assists on these matters.  I would check to see if your school has a similar office, or check with your insurance plan administrator or student health center to see if you can purchase a supplemental policy through the university for your wife.

I’m assuming you don’t have a big budget, being a student and all, I would check to see if your state offers subsidized insurance coverage for low income families (though residency requirements may need to be established first).

Ask faculty members who have families what they do.

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