San Francisco Condemns Catholic Church
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(10-28-2010, 10:19 AM)Augstine Baker Wrote: How soon the Diocese and its useful "friends" forget.

[Image: 229_HolyRedeemer05.jpg]

That's a different bishop, you moron. 

Wow, must be coming out week on FE.

That explains why you're here.

I take delight in the scorn of blighters like you, so keep it up.

Wow, what razor wit!.  Tell me, did it really take you that long to think up that "scathing" reply?

And by the way -- you still have the wrong bishop.  Get your facts straight, and then maybe you can get away with being the biggest sphincter on the website.

:laughing:  Seriously, it's not like the forum rules matter or anything, but I just can't hear you, there's too much camp going on.  That is brokeback himself according to Lifesite, so until you have some other confirmation, you just keep on spinning in your demonic frenzy.

Is it really possible that I have to point out your own argument?  Are you really that feeble-minded, or too busy frothing at the mouth over my imagined homosexuality?

OK, I suppose I must remind you of what your argument originally was ...

Someone had posted that it wasn't surprising that San Francisco politicians behaved like this, and he cited Cardinal Levada going to Planned Parenthood to protest/pray to essentially dare the politicos to do something.  In response, you posted a picture of --one more time -- THE.  WRONG. BISHOP.   You then acted as if the picture of this other man somehow proved whatever about Cardinal Levada.  You did it in your usual charming way.  I saw the picture and pointed out how your mental skills are lacking and how you have the wrong bishop.  Instead of checking to see who that bishop was, you began calling me homosexual.   

So, you submit "proof" that proves absolutely nothing, and then you resort to accusing me of homosexuality.  What part of all that makes you smart and right?  Oh that's right.  None of it.

Oh, I'm so sorry.  I don't know what all the mix-up was about.  I never said that was Cardinal Levada,, that's definitely Archbishop Niederauer [Brokeback].

Not sure why you're trying to defend these men, hmm.... they're not particularly defensible, unless you personally like telling big lies

It's ok.  I'm sorry I got snarky too. 

Actually, I'm not defending them  :puke:   I was interested in seeing what Levada was being accused of, but when I saw the picture wasn't of him, that's what I pointed out.  Again, sorry about the snarkiness.

I thought SC was talking about Niederauer.  Sometimes I read stuff when I'm half asleep and I come back to it when I'm conscious and don't reread it, sometimes having dreamt my responses and simply copying them down the next day when I have time to reply, and it gets even more reflective when you assume posters are out to get you... LOL 

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