Funeral lunch food
I’m going to a friend’s memorial service tomorrow (at the Congregational – United Church of Christ Church).  They are having a pot luck lunch afterwards, and as I was preparing some food to bring I was wondering if there were any favorite or “traditional” funeral foods that people prepare.

At all the Catholic parishes I’ve known (all Novus Ordo), a Guild of the Altar Society always offers to provide a sit down lunch after the Mass.  Many families will make a donation to the Altar Society for this, but nothing is ever asked of them.  Depending on the circumstances, the lunch is served after people return from the cemetery, but if the cemetery is distant from the church, it is becoming more common to have the lunch right after Mass, then the burial service later in the afternoon (otherwise many don't return for the lunch, and the family misses the opportunity to visit with them).

Some families prefer a simpler reception, with finger food, rather than a full lunch, and that wish is accommodated also.  Other times a family may have the lunch or reception catered, or have a pot luck, and the Altar Society will serve and provide the beverage service.  The Altar Society always offers to send food home with the family, especially if they have out of town guests in town for the funeral.

For the larger funerals the guild will ask others (like the Knights of Columbus or the Catholic Daughters) to also bring food, to be sure there is enough.  Also, at larger funerals the priest will often ask the Knights to help usher, or direct traffic, if the parking lot is small.

When I am asked to bring food, my standard item of late has been salmon pâté finger sandwiches.  For tomorrow I used three 7 ounce cans of Costco’s Kirkland brand Atlantic salmon, ½ of a sweet onion, 6 hard boiled eggs, ½ cup mayonnaise, ¼ cup ranch dressing, salt, pepper, and celery seed.  I puree the mix in a food processor and I’ll spread it on two inch squares of a good bread (crust removed), or sliced banquettes.
Sandwiches are good... There should be some alcohol.  :pray2:
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Your sandwiches sound awfully good.

As for what is "traditional" to bring to a funeral, I think that depends on what part of the country you live in. I think every time I've been to a post-funeral lunch, the ladies of the church had brought various kinds of casseroles. But salmon in any form is welcome everywhere, or should be.
Lucky enough to have only been to one funeral.

Open bar.
In my scandinavian area, casseroles and funeral cake (chocolate cake with an inch of white frosting on it.).  Also lots of strong coffee. 
Sorry for your loss.  :pray2:

I was going to say sandwiches too. The ones you describe sound so good! Especially on baguettes.

I hate that I'm now allergic to salmon, it was always one of my favorites.
Sorry for your loss. This is very interesting. In Chicago the grieving family has a lunch at a restaurant  which are more or less set up specifically for this purpose near the cemetery. Actually it's well past lunch time when one gets there. Having always had it as I said I find this curious.

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