Paul Washer: The Shocking Youth Message
Just to add, what is this twit doing on a "trad Catholic" forum? He needs a good Catholic kick up the arse to "open up his heart and mind" frankly. So he says some things some of you agree with? Woop de doo. He's just another american wanker. It takes someone from outside america to see that. Or someone from within America, like Mark Twain or Walt Whitman or someone...  :)
Not against the OP, but Benno has hit on the American problem. We are the World, in our minds. We do not do perspective, at all.
Having said that for American white protty suburbanites this guy is pretty good. As Jesus said he is not far from the Kingdom of God.
In response to Washer's video on Catholicism:

He says that he has no authority and that the Church has no authority. The only true authority is "what Scripture says," which is, of course, always going to be interpreted by somebody...  so yeah, someone always ends up being in authority (that is, having the authority to interpret Scripture).  ::)

"Isn't it interesting that when the media addresses Catholicism in entertainment and movies or whatever, if anybody in Christianity is going to get a kind word from the media, it will be the Catholic Church."

:rofl:  Where has he been for the last 30-40 years?! Scratch that, the last nine years?! The Church opposed the pill ('60s), abortion ('70s), condoms ('80s), homosexual unions ('00s), the idea of women becoming priests (based on the false idea that men want to keep their power to themselves), and is now engaged in an almost decade-long scandal of child abuse by the clergy. What TV stations is Paul Washer watching (or rather, not watching)?  ???

And then there are movies like Dogma, Doubt, the furor over The Passion of the Christ, etc. Go to the Catholic League Web site and check out the media section on the annual reports of anti-Catholicism (1994-2009).
I had the courage to watch the first video but I don't know if I can stomach more anti-Catholic drivel right now.
I don't know, it seems to me it has it way way off.  He seems to think that the only way to maintain your faith in God is to become perfectly holy and act like Jesus Christ.  To me, it seems presumptious and prideful to even assume that one can act like Jesus.  The path to holiness from sinfulness is not easy, and it requires Grace from God.  He labels sinners as "wicked" and tells the "faithful" that they should separate themselves.  The truth is that we are all sinners, and we are all capable of wicked acts.  The path to salvation involves working out our own wickedness, and while that might sometimes involve choosing to rid our lives of certain people, there's still hope for them.

This is the problem with the faith alone doctrine.  The application of it comes across as a focus on "being" rather than "doing".  Cooperating with God's Grace is the most essential part of maintaining one's faith.  He does touch on this theory a bit but doesn't provide any concrete way to do it save for "repenting" and separation from the world.  Our own actions allow God into our hearts and our cooperation with His Grace keep Him there.  Perhaps grace is the key that's missing for protestants.  My theory is that it's due to lack of access via the sacraments.

Just my opinion here... but the protestants I know... Seem to have real issues with the following:

1. Gospel Poverty
2. Sacrifice
3. Detachment
4. The Holy Trinity
5. The Book of James

The five "issues" above - not of the world.

Protestants also get very defencive on the subject of birth-control. To me, birth-control is very much "of the world". Biblically, it makes no sense, for it is man directly breaking the covenant with God. Intentionally. For convenience.

The protestant "churches" are visually, very much "of the world". The worship music, their radio stations - very much of the world - and attracting confused Catholic kids who have no Catholic identity, because these days, most parishes are "of the world", encouraged by priest, pastor, bishops...

Benno has hit the nail on the head with regards to Washer. Agreed. Washer seems a decent fellow. Most likely is. But listen to what he says about Catholicism. He's no ecumenist.

Nor should we be.

In fairness to Washer, he did spend considerable time in Africa and Peru. Doesn't matter. I'll bet his message in Peru influenced many Catholics to leave the Church. This was his objective. Always is.

Souls were lost in Peru. Think about it.  Preachers like Washer are on the lookout for confused, vulnerable Catholics. And they are doing their job. The USA, Canada and Latin America are proof this type of preaching endangers the souls of poorly-formed Catholics.

When protestants come to south american their message ammounts to two things, the Catholic Church is evil, that Catholics worship statues and Mary, and that the United States is wealthy because they help Jews, that Jews are God's chosen people, and that countries who helps Jews like the USA are blessed, while countries who oppose Jews are punished by God for it.

They are very popular among poor people because of the prosperity gospel, the idea that God blesses you and makes you wealthy if you are a good christia.

QUote from: ruralpeace.
The drums and guitars on the stage behind him... most likely spewing the music of the world....Huh? "Worship" music. Sounds "of the world"....?? Why not dump this, as well?

Maybe your being a little harsh here. Profane instruments are legit outside the liturgy. The instruments (per se) are not evil but the uses they are put to can be.
You would have to here the music first to determine whether or not it was spewing out the music of the world and in fact it may be more apropriate for such instruments to be used in a schismatic gathering rather than the consecrated instrument of Catholic liturgy.
protestant prachers always look like car salesmn
(11-07-2010, 07:41 PM)icecream Wrote: protestant prachers always look like car salesmn

You know, there's a lot of truth to that. Usually used car salesmen. (Notice that I didn't use that ridiculous euphemism for used: "pre-owned").

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