Cigarettes, not cheerots, nor pipes
Oke-Doke, kids ! Here's the deal who smokes cigarettes and do you roll your own ? I'm at the point where chantrix has nearly ripped my stomach apart twice through flatulence and problems with digestion. No details ! It was way to ugly to explain. So my next step is getting to understand how to  roll your own, and or other ways to smoke on the cheap. Here in Obamaland it is a mortal sin to smoke, and they charge for the indulgences.  :laughing: With my handy dandy #2 pencil and the back of an envelope from a bill,  I reckoned they are charging me about $6.50 per pack in tax for City, County, State, and the ever loving Feds. I know about the Reservation Cigarettes but here in Chi-town the Illinois Bureau of Investigation prosecutes and the US Post Office rats citizens out. So if you roll your own or know anything about it give me the straight skinny. I'm almost tempted to do as my distant cousins in Capri, get me a cigarette boat, and bring 'em down from Thunder Bay in the Great White North.

Howdy, Timoose.

I personally do not smoke cigarettes of any kind but smoke the occasional pipe or cigar. However, my mother smoke cigarettes and does in fact roll her own. She uses this for rolling. It works rather well. The device itself costs about $50 (about the same price of a single carton), the local tobacco stores carry boxes of empty cigarette tubes (a carton worth for about $5) and we simply buy bags of all-natural pipe tobacco to stuff them with (a bag that produces 2 cartons worth is about $22). The only drawback is that it takes a couple hours or so to produce an entire carton. The benefits, of course, are self-evident. The tobacco itself is far healthier then what is found in most commercial cigarettes and pricewise, it is a mere fraction of what a carton of commercial smokes will run you.

Hope this helps, pal!  :tiphat:
Now we are cooking with gas. That is economical, once you buy the machine, and the time it takes is a bonus, it'll slow down my smoking too much. Thanks much. Joshua.
What pipe tobacco can you get that will fit into cigarette paper??

You don't need a machine, Tim - it'll take you about 3 cigs to learn to just roll them with your hands!  It's half the fun and part of the ritual, trust me!
(10-28-2010, 04:03 PM)timoose Wrote: Oke-Doke, kids ! Here's the deal who smokes cigarettes and do you roll your own ?
Yes and no. I smoke about a pack a day, depending on what I'm doing. I had a rolling machine, about the size of a cigarette pack. Too much bother, too much loose tobacco on the lips. Then I over filled it and forced it to close and blew out the stitching.
[Image: small_rolling_machine_300.jpg]

I just buy my smokes at Costco. Although I have checked prices at an Indian reservation near Las Vegas, and they weren't much cheaper. No taxes, just scalpum white man some more.
Using a machine to roll your own is like using a machine to tie your shoelaces.  :P
(10-28-2010, 07:30 PM)paragon Wrote: What pipe tobacco can you get that will fit into cigarette paper??

The pipe tobacco we use is nothing special. You'll occasionally have to pick out the conspicuous stick or simply shred a few of the longer strands with your hands. Other than that we have yet to encounter a problem with the machine we use.

However, I suppose I should be clear in saying that we do not use rolling paper per se. We use empty, pre-assembled tubes (with filters) that come in cartons of 200 for about $5, so there really is no "rolling" involved but rather "filling" the tubes via the machine. I've seen rolling methods and most of them seem rather imprecise and inconsistent.
Weird.  I can't imagine what sort of tobacco you're usng because no pipe tobacco I've ever encountered would work.  Even if it fit in the tube you'd be coughing your lungs out.

I'm not a cigarette aficionado so I'm not too precious about the consistency of my rollies.  Fags are fags.  But they all turn out pretty much the same to me anyway. :shrug:

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