Do trad kids rebel?
I was wondering (if anyone had trad parents or is a trad parent) if kids raised in the traditionalist movement rebel, experiment with sex and drugs etc. and all the other stuff that usually goes along with high school. I'd just assumed it wouldn't be as common as in the secular world or lukewarm NO parish, but I was interested in hearing people's experiences. Especially if you were raised as a traditionalist.
I wasn't raised as one, but when I hit 18 I had to put up with some of my trad friends going through a rebellious stage.  It was pretty tame compared to what you suggested - just a bit of attitude, too much drinking and so on.  Not being raised as one, I think I got all of that out of the way before my conversion at age 15.  I've certainly heard of trads experimenting with sex and drugs - it just depends on the seriousness of the upbringing.  I say seriousness instead of strictness because I feel that good parenting is a matter of instilling a love of the Catholic faith and an appreciation of the gravity of sin, rather than just pure strictness.  Being too strict can encourage more serious rebellion - I've seen that a few times also. :(
A majority of the cradle catholic kids who are born into traditional catholic families whom i have seen are just disinterested. I don't think they rebel to the extent of drinking and experimenting with sex or even pornography, but there is a lot of the worldly in them (immodest clothing, music, bad company, total disinterest in religion or they go to the Sacraments only because their parents want them too).

Part of me thinks its a phase they will get over with once they see how empty the joys of the world are. More than just piety is needed when raising good Catholic children though.

Paragon is right: one must instill a genuine love for the Catholic faith, and a firm belief based on reason and grace on why they are living as they should in a world where 99% of their friends laugh at the traditional Catholic lifestyle.
Children are very tough. No instructions come with them when they are born. All things must be balanced, strictness is necessary but not to the omission of compassion and love. many things out side of the parents view happen to the child, not all of them from "bad company".
You'd be surprised how many children are seriously wounded by well intentioned teachers, or in the day Sisters, Priests,or others in authority, not to mention other children. These some times are hidden and fester, so communication is also very important. In the end your good practice of the Faith leaves the the best instruction.
It's not a ying or yang thing but it's a complete conversion/immersion. You must be a very good musician and be able to play all of the scales and chords, to the best of your ability.  Some may stray but the imprint of your good behavior will not fade, and most return. Put your trust if the Lord and be the very best you can be as a Parent and as a Catholic 
I often worry about this issue for my kids.  They're just babies right now.
I think trad teenagers rebel less often then your typical teenager. My impression is that usually the ones who do are reacting to an overly-strict upbringing, but some who grow up in that kind environment just stay put or only branch out a little into normalcy. I also knew, growing up, a lot of big trad families that were pretty lax in many ways and among them there seems to be almost no rebellion, although a small number left the faith for no apparent reason. I suppose there's no reason for them rebel in the sense you mean, but of course being too lax brings plenty of other problems with it. It seems to be very hard to strike a balance.
I have 4 teenage sons only one has gone off the rails but not with drugs or indolence, just complete rejection of the family and its faith
alot has to do with a miss reading of his personality and false assumptions on my part about good or bad being easily decifered by kids. I held the opinion that is now i  see bogus was that kids are somehow closer to God and therefore more attuned to right and wrong... "Apparent morality".... holds no authenticity with me now but i fear too late. Now mywife and I make point not to assume the kids know right from wrong all the time. But technicallyvwere not trads in the sense of sspx type, were just very orthodox Eastern Catholics but i was not raised in any kind of functioning family so unfortunatly I have to wing it and I make alot of mistakes... My heart is heavy and my guilt crushing but my hope is in Mary and my son will find his way.. I just pray we can reconcile if not here... in heaven
(10-31-2010, 12:35 PM)verenaerin Wrote:Every kid, no matter how rebellious, craves love from his father and mother. I am sure if you just keep loving him, holding an appropriate standard for your family, and give him to the Blessed Mother, you will all be together soon.

I will include your family in my intentions.
i take full responsibiluty... My son was let down by me..imo but i can only explain I never had a solid family..and im starting from skratch
"Do trad kids rebel?"

You might as well have asked, "Are trad kids human?"
(10-31-2010, 01:00 PM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: "Do trad kids rebel?"

You might as well have asked, "Are trad kids human?"



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