Vienna's Cathedral Rector Says: The Cuddly Rosary Prayers Are Dying Out
There's a commotion in the Archdiocese of Vienna around Toni Faber: "We are really are closely bound to Rome, but we must go our independent way. Some representatives of the Vatican live in a kind of denial of reality" an "Celibacy may soon be an obsolete model"

Vienna [] A Commotion around the Vienna Cathedral Rector Toni Faber. In a recent interview with the "Courier" he answered questions put to him about reform in the Church: "We are really closely bound to Rome, but we must go our independent way. Some respresentatives of the Vatican live in a certain denial of reality. It is not enough to manage the apparent decline. The encouraging words of Caridnal Schönborn in the direction of the Church's transparency gives hope. The cuddly prayers of the rosary are dying out."

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why dont these popes carry out mass excommunications? they scared?
I think that many in Rome are afraid of a schism that to most seems to have already happened.
Sometimes it's better to add through subtraction.  Had Pope Paul VI held to tradition and his authority and kept Holy Communion out of people's hands the Church may have lost the Dutch but significantly more people would believe in the Real Presence and make their Sunday obligation.  As Minnesota's Archbishop recently said, there's no room for luke-warm Catholics.
Cardinal Schoenborn strikes again.

And "cuddly" rosary prayers? Vienna is becoming so tainted with liberalism. :/
Yeah, the German word for cuddle is kuescheln, and it's an odd thing to read, but Father Toni Faber, Stependom's dui priest, is a seriously weird dude.
The de facto schism is about to become de jure.
Our Lady's not going to like him.  I doubt she likes to be talked down to very much.  :shame:

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