Catholic Church in Baghdad, Iraq attacked, 52 killed.
Sad incident...not to be unexpected though...time to force convert...but alas....
(11-01-2010, 08:11 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: Yes yes a least under saddam Christian  Assyrian s were forbidding to learn  their language and openly show the culture. But some of saddam highest men were Christians and saddam clearly was a guy us Catholics could work with afer all gassing  the Kurds and killing women and children is well let's let that slide for the sake of this shall we
what's gassing  Kurds and mass graves really?
He was a man all Christians could work with yep  at least under  saddam there  was law and order and protection
oh and uts all bushs fault yep
keep the hits comming

Yeah, Saddam was a swell guy.  That's why he drained the marshes, to try to get rid of the marsh Arabs to move into proper cities and become civilized.

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