victorian (australia) abortion laws
(11-03-2010, 04:28 AM)paragon Wrote: The DLP are definitely getting my vote in the upper house, and I will probably just vote above the line because they will have put a lot more thought into it than I can possibly manage.

Why do you say the state libs are the lesser of two evils?  Even back in Jeff Kennett's day they were a filthy, progressive party.  Kennett wanted euthanasia legalised, and was talking about trying to lure the gay mardi gras to Melbourne.  Given that Baillieu is anti-life, I can't see anything that differentiates them.  The only way I will be able to decide who to preference is if one of my local members is pro-life and the other is anti-life.  I've just moved so I don't even know which seat I'm in just yet.

i would guess that the Liberals (even Vic state) have more pro-life candidates, hence they'd be a preferable government.

also, even if one puts in a blank vote for the lower house, the same remains: one of the major parties gets in. whereas if one does put a vote (for example, for the DLP), then granted a major party gets gov, but also, you have helped build support for a decent minor party.


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