Heede Germany, apparition 1937. Condemned or OK?
Searched this and read about it on the net but could not find a definitive answer as to whether it was condemned by the proper authorities.

Anyone know the answer?
i found this:

"Devotion of both Our Lady and Our Lord at Heede was enthusiastically approved by the Bishop of Osnabruck, and this approbation has been graciously ratified with the installation of each successive Bishop to this day. Interestingly enough, however, the Bishops have not published a formal ruling declaring the events to be supernatural, Divine in origin, and worthy of belief, though their permissions are doubtlessly tacit approval. Unfortunately, due to the world-wide collapse of Christianity, particularly in Europe, Heede holds little interest for the people of Germany, although pilgrims from various nations still trickle in every year.

Visionary and stigmatist Greta Ganseforth passed away in 1996, and her grave is visited by pilgrims, several of whom have claimed significant favors through the seer's intercession. "

On the other hand Rick Salbato says it is condemned.  Which is it?

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