Has anyone done a study of Paul VI and JPII?
(11-03-2010, 08:58 PM)3Sanctus Wrote: I've always thought of John XXIII as being naive.  I think he truly believed he could safely have a council to finish what Vatican I started.  From what I've heard people all around him were warning him against calling the council, but he didn't seem to think they were right (hence the whole "doom and gloom" quote from him).  While I'd imagine he had to be at least somewhat liberal, I think he'd cry if he saw the sort of things that have happened since Vatican II.

Just my two cents, nothing to back it up really, but there it is.

Michael Davies makes a similar argument in Pope John's Council.  One of the most memorable quotes from that book was, "Jesus wept over Jerusalem, and Pope John would have wept over Rome had he lived to see the things that would be done in the name of the Council."

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