Has anyone done a study of Paul VI and JPII?
(11-05-2010, 09:13 PM)Gerard Wrote: By all means pay respectful attention to what comes out of the Holy Office but when Ecclesia Dei is a motu proprio by the Pope himself and it's so obviously a load of crap when it comes to the truth, we don't have to take leave of our reason because of some power grab of a rule that oversteps or abuses legitimate authority. Wheat and chaff look virtually identical and we have to sift through it since chaff can be present in the authentic magisterium and only wheat in the ordinary infalllible and extraordinary infallible magisterium. 

Ecclesia Dei and the above document are two different things.  The above is a statement by the Holy Office signed by the prefect of it.  If you want to argue it should be sifted, fair enough, but the first part of your argument would have to be where it contradicts tradition.  I don't see it as doing so.  With regard to Canonization, all it does is formally affirm what many theologians held for a long time.

I don't see any chaff in it.

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