The best thing to come out of the protestant revolt
I hate to call it the "reformation" cause they didn't reform anything they just took their stupid heretical ball and left Christ's Church. The true reformers were St. Borromeo, St Ignatious of Loyola and the Father of the Council of Trent, now that is a Reformation.

Sorry just had to get that off my chest.

My wife is Southern Baptist more of a cultural SB and rather... well lets just say that she in the "as long as you have Jesus, you are alright" camp. Every once in a while the topic of religion does come up, she hates it of course, but I do not shy away from it and I have told her several times that the best thing to come out of the protestant reformation was Welch's grape juice.

Seriously love that stuff.

What you guys think?
Haven't had Welch's since I was a kid, but, yep, it was good, real good.
I remember a NO convert friend of mine who went through the RCIA process asking me not long after her first Mass, "when did they start using real wine? Is it a new thing?".  :doh:
I love Welch's.
Just a thought, but has it ever crossed your minds compared to black liberation churches, or other's  like latter day rain, or asuza street pentacostals, and lots of other fringe crypto-christians, some of the southern conservative protestants are much closer to us?
Just a thought. Carry on.
The Council of Trent was pretty good.  J.S. Bach was a Lutheran, but I suppose his music would have been just as good if he had been Catholic.  Calvin and Hobbes, maybe?

That's all I've got.
lol awesome. How did Welch's grape juice come out of the revolt? I love that stuff.

Have you heard anything of the mainline Protestant churches dwindling?

I'd have to agree: possibly the greatest thing any Protestant has ever done - with the exception of those who convert to the true Faith - would be the music composed by J. S. Bach.

It goes without saying that the Council of Trent was one of the most important events in Church history. It's simply amazing how much doctrine it had to settle, and how the Fathers did so admirably well (i.e. Revelation, Original Sin, Justification, the Seven Sacramaents, the Sacrifice of the Mass, Purgatory, Veneration of Saints, Indulgences). And then there's the excellent Catechism that came out only two years after it closed.
Forever Trent!

Forever Vatican I!

May Christ ever triumph!

(11-05-2010, 08:33 AM)ies0716 Wrote: J.S. Bach was a Lutheran, but I suppose his music would have been just as good if he had been Catholic.

I wonder what his music would have been like if he had been Catholic.  A great fraction of his output was sacred cantatas, which he obviously would not have written if he were Catholic.  So what would he have written instead of hundreds of cantatas?  Hundreds of Mass settings?  Litanies, Vespers, etc.?  How would it be different?  Would his organ music be the same?  Obviously an impossible question to answer, since so much of what made him into the specific composer he became is tied up in Lutheranism, but it's hard not to wonder.

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