The best thing to come out of the protestant revolt
Music:  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition (don't know the real name of the song), and the Battle Hymn of the Republic
This is pretty far removed from 16th century Europe, but......

Appalachian festivals! Hillbilly music! Bluegrass and moonshine.

Gospel music and the old Negro spirituals. Best stuff ever.
(11-07-2010, 10:34 PM)denise Wrote: The movement actually achieved its first success in England - without the necessity of war - and led to the British Navy being used to halt the slave trade from Africa.  The response from Muslim slave traders by the way, was that which God had permitted, man could not forbid and to this day, Islam is ambiguous about slavery. 

The question here was what is the best thing that  came out of Protestantism.  My answer remains - the end of human slavery.  Given that slavery has existed in virtually every society and for much of human history this is an outstanding accomplishment.  It could not have emerged from Islam.   The movement developed in  Protestant circles.  The architects of that movement, both here and in England, did not stand to gain from the elimination of slavery and this movement remains one of the most remarkably selfless movements in history.   I believe Adam Hochschild wrote an excellent book exploring this  issue several years ago.

And there was very little competition from slave labor in the south with the factories of the north.  The industrial development of the south lagged far behind the north (one can argue that slavery contributed to this gap) which is one reason why southern victory was unlikely.  Slavery was rooted in southern agriculture, particularly cotton and tobacco,  labor intensive crops, neither of which could be profitably grown in the north.

And yet, just 23 years after the War of Northern Agression ended, the Catholic Monarchy of Brazil ended slavery without the necessity of a bloody war, but of course there was not a sectional division that would profit by the end of the 'peculiar institution' as there was in the States. Alaric is spot on.

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