Traditionalism under siege in Platteville, WI
(11-05-2010, 12:04 PM)salus Wrote: These are good priests, many of the parishoners seemed tainted by the liberal spirit of the Berkeley of the Midwest, the University of Wisconsin.

Yes, Madison is famously liberal (although the rest of Wisconsin, not so much) -- which makes Bishop Morlino look even more heroic. He is based in Madison, and gets this kind of flak all the time, and I've never seen him back down. It's clear that he does what he does because it's right, not to please the maximum number of people, but it still might lift his heart to know he has supporters as well as detractors. I plan to write him a letter and let him know how much this is appreciated. (I actually got to shake his hand after Midnight Mass last Christmas!)

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