Traditionalism under siege in Platteville, WI
(11-09-2010, 04:07 AM)winoblue1 Wrote: Do these priests say the TLM or just the NO in Latin?

I believe it's the TLM. When I first got interested in the TLM, I did an internet search to see where they were available in this area. Madison has one, at Holy Redeemer downtown, and that's once a week (Sunday at 7 AM). St Norbert's in Roxbury and St. Mary's in Platteville both have TLMs every day of the week! Unfortunately, they are a little too far to ride my bike to, especially on a workday.

The website where I found this ( lists an affiliation for each church. For those two, it's "Diocesan". Interestingly, the other three churches in Wisconsin that have daily TLMs are all affiliated with the "Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest", which I've never heard of. Anyone know anything about them?

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