Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking
Given my morbid pessimism, I'm thinking of reading this book:

To those who have read it: Does it conflict with Catholic teaching in any way? I'm very skeptical. Yet this one-star review is encouraging:

"This is not a self-help book how to influence your approach/thinking to improve results/lifestyle etc. It is a heavily relilgious book which tries to convince you that the only way to get there is through chirstian faith. So if you are not a very religious person, an atheist, pantheist, or of other believes - well, thats it. Nowhere in the description of the book this is mentioned, not in the title or the cover text. Truly false advertising, in my opinion. I send it right back to Amazon."

But then five-star reviews like this again raise my skeptical antennae:

"Thgis is a Must Have book for anyone like me who goes through life doubting themselves and their choices."

I believe that if one doesn't doubt themselves and their choices, then one is spiritually dead. The key is to doubt oneself rightly, in ways that promote the sanctification of the soul. Malignant doubt, on the other hand, must be rejected, as it leads to the pit. Perhaps this is what that last reviewer meant.

Suggestions of any non-Oprahist, Catholic books along the lines of this book will be welcome.
Have not read it, don't see how having a more positive outlook on life can be in opposition to Catholic teaching.  I have broken away from the pessimism I use to feel,  I find it absolutely useless and destructive,  a realist yes, but being constantly negative does you and the people around you no good.
Sounds like a book I might ought to read...looking forward to people's responses.

That said, my original post was going to be:  "Any book that contains the word 'positive' must be evil."  Does that tell you anything?  :laughing:

NB:  That original post was goign to be sarcastic...but still, lol.
I haven't read that one in particular but I've found that a lot of self-help type books have good advice on the natural level and you just have to put a little thought into it to raise it to the supernatural level. You can usually find a nugget or two but definitely read with a grain of salt.

Just looked up Vincent Normal Peale and he was anti-Catholic, not just neutral, anti, so he's bound to have error in there.
I read the book. It's inspiration on steroids. Or just save the cash and read his quotes online. I read it about 5 years ago, but I it was very general, I don't think it would contradict the faith.

Willie Jolley is also fantastic! Read his books too!
Read it about 15 years ago before I was a trad.  Whatever it offered did not last.  It was simply a "pray on it" book.  Whatever problem you have, pray on it.  The whole gist of it is if you pray, God will make things easier on you and you'll get your answer faster than if you depend on yourself.  It doesn't really question the morality of a person's decisions or the need to make sacrifice, or walk the way of the cross.  I found it completely frustrating and ultimately incomplete and ineffective.  I seem to also remember throwing it across the room in a rage.  It's pure Protestantism and treats God like a giant, mystical vending machine.
I read negative commentary on it somewhere, I believe by Sheen.  I forget the exact grounds for the critque, but to the best of my recollection, it had to do with overreliance on self.

Instead, try Sheen's Peace of Soul.  Not a light read, though worth the effort.
(11-05-2010, 06:40 PM)Gerard Wrote: I seem to also remember throwing it across the room in a rage. 


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