Levada warns against 'sect' operating in the Church
I'd love to know more about what 'truths' this order alleges fidelity to that NewChurch does not...they don't say.

Curious if this order are essentially trads being branded as schismatics.

Levada being, well, Levada

Ummm, don't regular Catholics at least consider some angels to be intercessors (Michael, Gabriel, etc.)?
(11-05-2010, 05:08 PM)Pilgrim Wrote: Ummm, don't regular Catholics at least consider some angels to be intercessors (Michael, Gabriel, etc.)?

That was one thing that made me go, "And?"

The lack of other info makes it hard to see any 'offenses' they commit besides fidelity to traditional piety.

Any aussies shed addt'l light here?
I found some weird stories. I'm not sure how credible they are, though...


Is this a joke or something Cardinal Levada didn't do a thing against the deviants when he was Archbishop of San Francisco in fact he let the Salvation Army be the only church to stand up against gay adoptions.
Wait a minute! Levada is not referring to all members of the Opus Angelorum but "some". He is actually praising the movement for the most part, drawing only attention to certain members who are plainly in the minority and apparently in some kind of rebellion..
It may be helpful to read the whole text: http://visnews-en.blogspot.com/2010/11/c...th-on.html

The Opus Angelorum has a very nice website: http://www.opusangelorum.org/english.html

Thanks,Cetil. The whole text does shed a little light on things.
Quote:In particular, the members were not to make use of the "names" of angels derived from the alleged private revelations attributed to Mrs. Gabriele Bitterlich and they were not to teach, spread or make use of the theories originating from these alleged revelations.

Sounds like they're making things up as they go along - like the Medjugorje seers. I wonder if one of the angels is named Moroni.....
I thought the Angel Moroni was in Salt Lake City :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
As Cetil pointed out, the warning is against a splinter group that went rogue. Under the 1992 decree which is on the Vatican website in a few different languages (not English), the main issues seemed to be assigning names to certain angels based on private revelation and then using those names in consecrations, which is said in the decree to be foreign to Scripture and Tradition (a 1777 decree of Benedict XIV is cited). The properly reformed group did have a consecration prayer approved by the Church in 2000. There also seemed to be problems with "remote administration" of sacraments, unauthorized exorcisms, adding prayers to the liturgy that directly referred to their erroneous theories, and a problematic "promise of silence." Most of the order seems to have accepted these corrections, but some went off on their own.
Boy, have we still not learned to trust secular news accounts of Catholic affairs?  ::)

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