Levada warns against 'sect' operating in the Church
Uh, I'm not sure about these guys. 

"The Opus Angelorum Handbook lists 243 demons together with 412 angels. One of the former, Schebarschenoth, sends his rays from the Planet Neptune and works with Adonai Melchim and Naschim, the shot-putter. He is the demon of the Great Chaos, who disrupts laws, confuses heavenly constellations in the universe, prevents children’s bones from developing properly, causes circulation trouble and glandular malfunction.

In another passage we hear of the magic rectangle which each demon spans over creation and fills with numbers behind which demons stand. Demons, we are told, are able to radiate through people, usually midwives, peasant women, gypsies, errand girls and old and vindictive peasants. Certain animals such as grey, tortoise-shell and black cats, speckled and black hens, pigs and short-haired dogs, bluebottles, rats and snakes are particularly receptive to demonic rays."

Just doesn't sound like something the Church would allow.  And since there're some families dealing with their members in psychiatric clinics from this thing...I mean, does that sound healthy to you?

Hey, I'm all for angels and what not!  But these folks dissappoint and concern me.

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