Books/authors you feel obligated to like, but don't?
(11-06-2010, 09:42 PM)paragon Wrote:
(11-06-2010, 09:33 PM)Satori Wrote: Chesterton? I agree with the OP, at least in regard to works like "Orthodoxy." They're supposed to be all profound and wise and all, but really to me they just seem to be a witty man relishing his own wit and refusing to take serious matters with the sobriety they deserve.

I saw it as a collection of clever arguments that the average man can understand.  It's intellectual but down to earth.  Not everyone is a genius; it's great to have an author like Chesterton who can communicate intellectual subjects intelligibly.

In my opinion, C.S. Lewis is good for that and Chesterton is not. I can't see that Chesterton makes real arguments; he makes quote after brilliant, quotable quote -- but they don't stand up to scrutiny. They're cleverness without depth. He also dismisses the arguments of his opponents with a laugh and a witty quip rather than serious refutation. Now, you might say to that that George Bernard Shaw didn't deserve to be taken seriously and should have had his arguments batted out of the picture like a balloon, but the many people who believed in them needed to see thoughtful refutation rather than playful scorn.

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