Assisting at Mass

I found this thread but it is archived. Many times the phrase "assist at mass" is used in English. This is a translation issue, as the word related to the English word "assist" in French and Spanish.

Assister is the French word which means plainly "to attend" and the translations of documents from Romance languages resulted in the word "assist" being used. Assist has more meaning than the meanings it has in other languages. In French and Spanish, it means to be present at. In English, it means to actively help, but in a way can mean to attend.

So, when the French are called "assister à la messe", we are called to assist at mass. Same obligation: to attend.
This article might be of "assistance" in understanding this issue more thoroughly:

Also, my article on the Dialog Mass (Liturgical Principles and Notions) also touches on the matter:; my second article (actually a rebuttal to certain objections) on the subject is due to be published by The Remnant within the next few weeks.

Hope this helps.

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