Five Anglican bishops resign to convert to Rome
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"Likewise, Roman Catholic conservatives cannot wait for the advance party of the Ordinariate to arrive. As one blogger put it: “We could arrange a Cold War-style prisoner exchange. We’ll take Burnham and Newton and you can have Cormac and Kieran.” Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, former Archbishop of Westminster, and Bishop Kieran Conry, Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, are both old-style ecumenists who have been less than enthusiastic in their support of the Ordinariate. But, to the irritation of the English Bishops’ Conference, the Pope has bypassed the ecumenists, giving responsibility for the scheme to his old colleagues at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

In other words, he has granted one of the main requests of the Anglo-Catholics seeking refuge: protection from liberal Catholic bishops who don’t like traditionalism in any form, Catholic or Anglican.

Why has the Pope invested so much of his personal authority in a project that, inevitably, has irritated and embarrassed the Archbishop of Canterbury, a man he respects? The answer is that Benedict XVI believes that the Ordinariate forms part of the reunion of Christianity – indeed, the only reunion between Catholics and Anglicans that is possible at the moment.

Dr Williams, understandably, sees things differently. He is likely to take comfort from the very small numbers of Anglicans – in their hundreds, rather than thousands – who will immediately move into the new body. But the Anglo-Catholic vicar I spoke to said he was happy to form part of a small group.

“In a funny way, it’s important that the first wave is a little one,” he said. “If it was too big, it would frighten the horses in the Church of England and they would be less than generous in the provisions they made for us as we leave.

“I know that there are sceptics on both the Anglican and Roman sides. I understand why. But I want to stress one point above all. We are not leaving for the negative reason that we reject women bishops. We are leaving for the positive reason that the Pope is allowing us to enter fully into communion with the Holy See as a group, holding firm to the Catholic faith – and doing so on a journey together.” "

I am going to make a bold prediction;  the Anglican Church will not exist by 2050, at least not as a protestant body.  Most of its leaders will have converted to Catholicism or formed protestant splinter groups.  Eventually, the properties/institutions of the old Anglican church will be merged with the Roman Catholic Church in England, although I suspect the British state will retain ownership of those properties. 
I will agree with your prediction with a few caveats

The, so called, church of England will continue to exist but as a loose mostly lead by evangelical group by that time however the British or rather English government will have stopped paying their bills so as state sponsored church it is finished.  At which time the State will liquidate its assests such as the many churches and cathedrals that they stole, I mean have in their custody.

For my part they can keep all the stolen churches except I would like the Cathedral back I mean of course Canterbury.
Good news!
Let's see how this plays out in the long run.
I find it joyously encouraging that the bishop converts said they didn't leave Anglicanism becase they disagreed with liberalism in that sect, but that they wanted to be Catholic.

Is Popery back in England? Our Lady of Walshingham, pray for us!!
No one suspects the heretical English to convert to Catholicism!  Their chief weapon is surprise!
Deo gratias.
So do they get to remain 'bishops'?
Sad to say UK will be a Muslim country with in the next 50 years. Unless the all mighty  intervenes.

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