I'm feeling vulnerable and in need of advice, please.
(11-09-2010, 11:46 AM)ies0716 Wrote: I think that the first step to overcoming this is to accept your responsibility for what happened.  Certainly you were manipulated, but you also had the option of getting yourself out of what was obviously a near occasion of sin.  Your culpability may have been lessened, but you do bear a certain amount of responsibility.  I'm also not certain if the term "Internet predator" is quite appropriate, especially since the type of thing you experienced seems to be very common in the "dating" scene these days (as frightening as that is).  I've had several male co-workers tell me that women they had just started dating would send them nude photos unsolicited.  The fact that this is so common has skewed perceptions of what is normal and acceptable.  It is possible that the man you met has dated many other young women who engaged in the conduct he was pressuring you into quite willingly and expressed no regrets afterward.  In his mind, he probably thought he was "freeing" you from some Christian "hangup."

All that being said, you just made a mistake.  You are very young, and at 19 it is very common to dive into sexual sin without considering the consequences.  This is especially true if you are being coaxed/coerced by someone older.  I made many mistakes in this area when I was in college (many completely of my own free will, sadly), so I know how you are feeling.  The important thing is that you went to confession; regardless of your level of culpability, you are forgiven.  The horror you still feel over this sin is a good thing, and it should move you to do penance to cleanse any remaining effects of the sin from your soul.  You have also made a very wise decision in cutting off contact with this man.  I would take this as a lesson learned, and use the memory of how you felt afterward to deter you from putting yourself in such a position in the future.

I will keep you in my prayers.  :pray:

Thank you. This was very helpful.

Thank you for your prayers. :)

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