I'm feeling vulnerable and in need of advice, please.
(11-09-2010, 12:45 PM)QuisUtDeus Wrote:
(11-09-2010, 12:31 PM)Pax et Bonum Wrote: I guess I should remind myself that I am the only one dwelling on this, as Jesus has moved on and no longer remembers (:o)!

Exactly.  Lutherans have the dung heap covered in snow theory (i.e., God throws a tarp over them and pretends they don't exist), but for Catholics, our sins are truly blotted out and we return to a state of Sanctifying Grace.  We have the intention to sin no more and try hard to live up to that and life goes on and we fight the good fight.

Just shove it in the back of your brain for reference, and if you ever feel tempted again remember how crappy you felt and realize it isn't worth it.  And do that with any sins that you run into.  Confession is our life raft when we fall out of the boat.  It's our Second Chance, and the leftover guilt after being forgiven helps us to make good use of it.  If the guilt is paralyzing or somehow stops us from doing other things, it's inordinate and scrupulous.  The guilt should be painful, but not make us curl up into balls.

So, you know, just say an Ave and keep going.  I'll say one for you, too. :pray:

Thanks so much, Quis! :D I feel so much better now.

And a big thank you also goes to everyone who has given me advice on this thread. :)

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