I'm feeling vulnerable and in need of advice, please.
(11-09-2010, 07:08 PM)JayneK Wrote:
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(11-09-2010, 10:59 AM)PeterII Wrote: "Internet predator" "Sexual abuse"?  Ummm, no, that's silly. 

This is a good point to a degree, but there is the issue of nature.

By nature, she (I assume) is a 19 year old single girl trying to live in the faith. Nature dictates a relationship between men and women and a man who violates his responsibility and leads a woman astray has the more blame I think. Note, the fall did not occur until Adam sinned.

We are not talking about a child or someone who is mentally deficient here.  She is a morally responsible adult who understood what she was doing.  While the other person behaved badly, these terms are not appropriate.
I understand those terms are strong but I don't think Pax is using them to deny her culpability. Obviously she feels horrible about the entire thing. I do think there's a difference between a nineteen yr. old female (esp. one raised in a Christian home) and a male even just a few years older that can be taken into account in this situation.

She was not using the term "sexual abuse".  This was the term the priest used.  It is beyond any of us to say who had how much culpability in that situation, but using the term "sexual abuse" is pretty much saying she had no culpability at all.   She knew it was wrong and she could have prevented it.  She had some culpability.  I am not saying that to be mean.  She cannot accept God's forgiveness if she does not accept there is something she needs to be forgiven for.
I was making the assumption she may have told her priest more information than she posted. Still I don't think she's using these words to deny that she needed forgiveness.

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