Any High school seniors looking at colleges?
My daughter is a hs senior looking at colleges, and has good scholarship potential (nat'l merit).  We are wondering if there are any trads in the same boat.  We  would consider letting her go away if she has a latin mass nearby and a potential good roommate. 
I was last year, I am attending college now.

I literally looked at every traditional Catholic college in the country, does your daughter know what type of major she wants?

She is def. a strong writing/literature type, but ooks at nursing as a more practical route.  Not sure if she can stomach the hybrid mix at the conservative catholic colleges.  We randomly looked at u of missouri because the location is so close to the sspx chapel.  She's also considering a gap year to think over vocation direction...but I'm concerned that will mean a loss of scholarship $.
No nursing program but if she wants literature then I would take a look at

I very nearly went there since they offered me a lot of scholarships. (I was nat'l merit) as well. I bet your daughter could receive some as well.

If she is into nursing and wants the option of an English program I really can't recommend a better school than the one I'm currently attending.

The nursing program is very well respected and it is a very solid Catholic school but it is a long way from Missouri.


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