Liturgical Abuse at "ORF-Mass" in the "Holy Land"
At a Holy Mass in Tirol/ Schwaz- St. Barbara  parish a woman and a man "prayed" part of the Canon [Eucharistic Prayer].  Otherwise, there were also prescriptions of the Church that were in part ignored.

Vienna [] It has been reported to that a liturgical abuse occured on an Austrian Television broadcast.  Austrian Television broadcast a Holy Mass from the Parish of Schwaz- St. Barbara in Tirol.  The pastor celebrated this year their 25th year of anniversary and was consecrated by the old Bishop Paulus Rusch and Reinhold Stecher in 1985.  Rudolf Theurl was responsible for the celebration.  At the Canon of the Holy Mass, the prescriptions of the Church were ignored.  So, parts of the Canon were not said by a priest rather by a man and woman..  The conclusion of the Canon whic is "through Him with Him and in Him"  was then prayed by the faithful.
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