The Pope Plans to Allow Women to the Office of Lector
Assignments since 1972 already no longer required ordination.

Vatican City ( Benedict XVI is evidently planning to allow women to act as lectors at services. This was confirmed by the new prefect of the Vatican Bishops Congregation, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, this Thursday afternoon.  Ouellet outlined this in the context of the post-synodal document "Verbum Domini" by Pope Benedict XVI., which dealt with "The word of God in life and in the mission of the Church".

In the 220 page document on the structure of the recommendations of the Bishops Synod 2008 dealt with the necessity of a "rediscovery" of the Bible for the life of the Church, for the engagement in society and for inter-religious dialogue.
Bet it doesn't happen.
Someone please pop in here and tell me again about this 'traditional' pope and all those mean modernist 'wolves' that surround and compel him to legislate garbage like this.
First off, the Suborders were suppressed by Paul VI, in that the office of lector was abolished and assignments given to lay people.  In the US, it is quite common to see women as Lectors in the NO as well as female altarboys.  It is something that seems in the bound of the Ordinary as there is one Diocese in the US (perhaps two now) that do not let female altarboys.  Now I disagree with all of this and I think the suppressing of the suborders were a bad thing.  But it is not like it is new news or anything. 
Good, good...
Someone who has more knowledge on the subject please chime in.  Is this heresy or is this just imprudence?  By heresy, I mean it this an attempt to confer orders (be they minor orders) on women?  If so, then this is heretical and won't happen.  Otherwise this is imprudent like altar girls.
The Pope can believe in heresy and he can commit heretical actions out of "imprudence" or even malice.

The conciliar popes are a shinning example of this reality.
How is this news?  Women lector all the time here in the US.

It has been happening ever since I started attending Mass - before I converted & that was at least 15 years ago.

I didn't even know until I began looking into tradition that it wasn't supposed to happen.

The Pope has been allowing it by silence on the issue for quite some time.
(11-13-2010, 11:31 AM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: The Pope can believe in heresy and he can commit heretical actions out of "imprudence" or even malice.

The conciliar popes are a shinning example of this reality.

What? What beliefs did the most recent popes hold that were contrary to what the Church has always believed? I am not including liturgical matters because, unless it is a denial of the nature of the Mass, except from liberal non-papal theologians, that is not heresy, or so I am under that impression.
Wait, I think there's a distinction to be made here.  Lector and Acolyte are two ministries into which only men can be instituted.  However, non-instituted lay men and women may potentially substitute for them at Mass.  Are we talking about women being officially instituted into the ministry of lector?  Because if so, that's kind of a big deal.  If not, then it's not any different from what we already have.

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