The Pope Plans to Allow Women to the Office of Lector

Very confusing.  See the original:
Quote: From the outset on, lectors -- consistently men -- were authorized by the local bishop in the majority of cases.  Besides these lectors assigned as needed by the Bishop, baptised women and men were assigned the  role of reader in the Mass out of necessity.

Till 1972 the lector and acolyte (Altarservers) were assignments reserved for "lower ordinands".  Since 1972 both assignments are no longer tied to one who is ordained.
So no ordination will be required.  But then why is the office of lector referred to as a minor "order"?

Quote:: "The Synod Fathers desired that the office of lector should be open also to women -- that therefore took place. And the Holy Father studied this matter intently."
  So it is no longer just an "assignment", it now becomes an "office".  Can anyone give me an example of an "office", even reserved for men, that does not require ordination?

Quote: The German edition of Radio Vatican speculated that with the preparedness of the Pope to allow women as lectors, this could also open the way for discussing allowance of women in the office of the diaconate.
More confusion.  Now the diaconate is referred to as an "office".  I thought deacons were ordained. 

And how does this effect Trads?  In the Trad rite I am 99.9% sure that deacons are ordained.  In fact, in the Trad rite, I believe the office of lector is conferred as a minor order.  More and more the two rites separate.  The answer is to declare the N.O. the vulgar rite, and be done with it.

And of course no comment on the scripture that women aren't supposed to be in the sanctuary.

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