The Pope Plans to Allow Women to the Office of Lector
Others did a pretty good job of explaining, but if there's still any confusion, let it end here:

-The minor orders and subdiaconate were suppressed by Paul VI. Two ministries were created for men to be "instituted" into: the lector and the acolyte. Acolytes may also be called subdeacons, where custom prevails. Exceptions are made for the minor orders and subdiaconate in the traditional seminaries.

-The vast majority of dioceses don't actually apply the instituted ministries to the (male) laity at large, as they were meant to, but reserve it for seminarians. It's generally preferred to just have people (including women) act as lectors or acolytes on an unofficial basis.

-Deacons are and always will be one of the holy orders instituted by Christ Himself (along with the episcopate and the presbyterate) when He was here on earth. The Church has no power to change that. It had the authority to change the subdiaconate and minor orders because those were created by the Church for purposes which are, unfortunately, "obsolete" today. Not just because of modernism, but because of the Latin Church's centuries-long habit of just having full priests do everything and keeping the other orders within seminary walls. If any proof of this is needed, just ask yourself: what would your parish do with a full-time subdeacon? (Some Eastern churches apparently do have full-time subdeacons, but we're talking Latin Rite here.)

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