The Pope Plans to Allow Women to the Office of Lector
(11-14-2010, 03:18 AM)Bearded Man Wrote:
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(11-14-2010, 12:11 AM)Grasshopper Wrote:
(11-13-2010, 05:01 PM)Bearded Man Wrote: Every NO Mass I have ever attended has had a female lector...

I attend NO Masses regularly (4-6 times per week), and while the majority of the EMHCs are women, I have seen more male lectors than female. At the weekday morning Masses, the lectors are almost exclusively male. On Sundays, it's closer to 50-50, but still more male I think. This is only one parish, of course, but I would be surprised if it's all female elsewhere.

At the NO I used to attend the Priest always had  cute little honeys in their early twenties in short skirts and low cut tops reading the old testament and epistle (hence the term epistle babe). At Christmas and Easter there was a male and those were the only times. See whats going on here is this is becoming a wide practice so our modernist Pope caves. I am telling you people with women being ordained illicitly I give it 10-15 years before some other modernist Pope caves to women Priests. Unless Catholicism is restored to the Church of Rome.

Even at the Cathedral the vast majority of the EM's are female, young, and clad in short skirts. It is heart-breaking really to be in a parish that has such beautiful traditional architecture yet such irreverence...

True and it shouldn't be an occasion of sin to look at the person reading the epistle.

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