The Pope Plans to Allow Women to the Office of Lector
There is way too much speculation here. Let's remember it was Ratzinger who shot down those seeking women deacons when he headed the CDF:

"Notification on women as ordained deacons
1. Our offices have received from several countries signs of courses that are being planned or underway, directly or indirectly aimed at the diaconal ordination of women. Thus are born hopes which are lacking a solid doctrinal foundation and which can generate pastoral disorientation.

2. Since [the Church] does not foresee such ordination, it is not licit to enact initiatives which, in some way, aim to prepare women candidates for diaconal ordination.

3. The authentic promotion of women in the Church, in conformity with the constant ecclesial Magisterium, with special reference to [the teaching] of His Holiness John Paul II, opens other ample prospectives of service and collaboration.

4. The undersigned Congregations within the sphere of their proper authority thus turn to the individual ordinaries, asking them to explain [this] to their own faithful and to apply diligently the above-mentioned directives."
CDF, Sept. 17, 2001. Approved by John Paul II on Sept. 14

It was also Ratzinger who pointed out that the teaching of John Paul II excluding women from the priesthood in "Ordinatio Sacerdotalis" is infallible.

I think it's hardly credible to suggest he or the Church is going to reverse these teachings.



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