The Pope Plans to Allow Women to the Office of Lector
(11-20-2010, 04:23 PM)QuisUtDeus Wrote: I guess it depends on what "defectible" means.  A whole lot of damage can be done without crossing that line.  The devil asked Christ for more time to attack the Church, Christ gave it to him.  He's going to be pushing every boundary he can.

If every prelate in the Church, including the Pope, were rounded up and executed (God forbid) by the secular humanists except 2 bishops who preach orthodoxy, the gates have not prevailed.  But, I'm hoping for a little more than that.   ;D  In which case, it's up to us humans (clerics and laity) to do the right things so we don't get to that point.

The fact that JP2 - of all Popes - authoritatively squashed women's ordinations is kinda proof to me that Christ is keeping His promise.  But that doesn't mean the Modernists and Liberals aren't still trying to push the envelope with an "office" that is not an office in the ordinary sense of the word.   That's their loophole - making women "official" without the need to ordain them.

Thanks. This has to be the best reply in this thread!!! No wonder, you are the moderator!! :D :thumb:

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