Reminder to Catholics: Next Sunday, Just Say NO to the CCHD…The Battling McCain’
Reminder to Catholics: Next Sunday, Just Say NO to the CCHD…The Battling McCain’s: Cindy’s Reproof Serves Him Right!...and Asking a Favor of You.

                  “No, Thank You—Clean Up Your Act First.”
          Next Sunday at all the masses, they’ll be passing the basket for the Chicago Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)… notwithstanding that the archdiocese has peremptorily fired the courageous executive who changed the direction of grants from support of the Left to bona fide non-political anti-poverty groups.  Moreover a group that acts as a conduit to abortion clinic referrals and contraceptive pills—opposed by the Chicago branch--was given an extension of a $45,000 grant by the  national CCHD, overruling the Chicago office’s objections.
        In addition, a grant approved by the fired Ray Flores and the local office—to the Pro-Life Action League, run by nationally famed Joseph Scheidler—was  overruled by the national office.  Thus reforms charted by Flores, have ended—presumably due to pressure exerted by a cadre of  liberal priests on the archdiocese.
          The firing of Chicagoan Flores, some months old, was unannounced—in keeping with the archdiocese’s tight lid on news flow that may stir controversy. The news seeped out via word of mouth which led to a story in and a number of authenticist Catholic blogs.  Finally in this week’s Catholic New World there’s an ad soliciting applicants for Flores’ job.

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