Pope Benedict: Bible Cannot Be Taken Literally
(11-19-2010, 06:51 AM)Clare Wrote: He believed in Creation taking place in an instant, which is, of course, less than six days.

Either way, no Father believed Creation took longer than six days.
He did explain that the six days could represent not literal days, but a scheme or plan of creation and that the actual creation during those “days” was instantaneous--but of things in potency and causation, not necessarily their final visible form, which would be shaped later over time. For example, he places the actual formation of man’s body after the seventh day:

“There can be no doubt, then, that the work whereby man was formed from the slime of the earth and a wife fashioned for him from his side belongs not to that creation by which all thing were made together, after completing which, God rested, but to that work of God which takes place with the unfolding of the ages as He works even now.” (St. Augustine, "The Literal Meaning of Genesis," Book 6)

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