Catholics in Belgium Start Parishes of Their Own
Catholics in Belgium Start Parishes of Their Own

Published: November 16, 2010
The New York Times

BUIZINGEN, Belgium — Willy Delsaert is a retired railroad employee with dyslexia who practiced intensively before facing the suburban Don Bosco Catholic parish to perform the Sunday Mass rituals he grew up with.

“Who takes this bread and eats,” he murmured, cracking a communion wafer with his wife at his side, “declares a desire for a new world.”

With those words, Mr. Delsaert, 60, and his fellow parishioners are discreetly pioneering a grass-roots movement that defies centuries of Roman Catholic Church doctrine by worshiping and sharing communion without a priest.



IMHO, this is a good thing.  Better for these disobedient modernists to leave the Church rather than destroy it from within.  Judas realized the severity of his crime and sent himself to damnation.  It's sad these people are doing the same thing probably unknowingly.
:pray: that they may cease committing these acts of sacrilege, scandal and idolatry (no priest = no transubstantiation).

"We have reached a stage of history where we don’t accept that the priest has to be the go-between. We want to take charge of baptisms and communion" (Karel Ceule).

Protestants do it all the time.
It's almost always old farts. There will always be dissidents, but ones like this are the least dangerous of all, look at that hilarious rainbow scarf he's wearing. Honestly, how many people would really be attracted to that?
Truly sad.
Oh my Jesus.
This is what happens when you proclaim that Protestants have partial truths, NO!!! JESUS created one Church with his Sacraments, and his priests, these false teachers are on the road to Hell! Ecumenism has given the impression that anybody can worship the way they want and its salvific, this has NEVER been Catholic teaching ever!!!
Truly disgusting, they are nuts :pazzo:
They're Protestants.
(11-17-2010, 02:26 PM)Jesse Wrote: They're Protestants.

Ding, ding, ding!

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