Another article slamming the Church
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has put up yet another ridiculous article attacking the Catholic Church.

I love how these modernists think that the measure of the Church's success is the number of people that show up every Sunday.  They also ignore that the vast majority of parishes are de facto doing everything that liberals such as the writer of the article want them to do.  How many Catholic Churches even talk about Hell and Judgment anyway?  I could almost guarantee that the ones that do aren't the ones in danger of closing.  She gets it exactly backwards: "dictatorial" and "Dogmatic" faiths are the ONLY ones doing well these days.  If people in my generation (I'm 28) are going to bother with religion at all, they will go to a church that offers substance.  If they don't want that substance, they'll stay home and watch football.  Only aging baby boomers are interested in "Catholicism lite."

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