Unspeakable blasphemy
(11-19-2010, 06:34 PM)ruralpeace Wrote: +JMJ+

Two things:

1. Is this not a "Hate Crime"?  Sure, I know they call it "artistic freedom of expression", and all that. But it is indeed a hate crime.

2. If this happened to a picture of Mohammed, Moslems would be up in arms, taking to the streets. Why don't Catholics publically protest (perhaps boycott?) in situations like these? When do we take to the streets and demand justice (see #1)

It isn't a "hate crime" because it isn't a crime.  If the artist had vandalized a statue belonging to someone, that would be a crime and the prosecutor could then decide if it qualifies as a hate crime.

And why don't Catholics publicly protest?  I don't know.  Why don't you start?  I'll catch up with you later.  (Sorry, I'm just being facetious.  Protest would be a good idea but sometimes I think it just garners more attention to the blasphemy.  The "artwork" has no artistic merit.  It can be assumed that the artist is doing it solely for attention.  Why give it to him?)

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