Pope says condoms are ok in some cases
These interviews should be given to writers he can trust not to jazz the truth. As far as reporting it guys like Michael Matt, or Pat
Buchanan, or even Raymond Arroyo or George Weigel wouldn't think of shading the truth. I'd get one of these guys to be Press Secretary and get the message out with precision and speed. If you are going to play Geo-politics then get a pro, not some priest.
I got this from AQ...

Well, you've got the OK from the Pope now.
And think of the good done now that Bill Gates doesn't have to worry about pious Catholics spreading AIDS because they can't use condoms.
Think of the condom-wearing Episcopalians and Presbyterians in Connecticut who no longer have to worry about pious gay Catholic Africans and South Americans
spreading AIDS because the Pope won't let them wear condoms!
There will be a lot less anxiety on the golf course and at the country club this week as the news spreads... Bow

[Image: 220px-Speaker_Nancy_Pelosi.jpg]
Pious gay Catholics in Nancy's district will be rushing out to the nearest 7-Elevens to purchase condoms.
Her husband no doubt will make a killing in Trojan stock this week alone.

Of course, the downside is...Pope Benedict will have to issue a special
motu proprio explaining that it is still a sin to commit sodomy
even if you are wearing a condom while doing so.
And that the failure rate of condoms does not offer 100% protection
from lethal STD viruses.
And they'll have to have special bishops' conferences on that
at five-star hotels, so there's a hidden carbon footprint here
to his pronouncement.
It should prove fun for Katie Couric and Keith Olbermann, Joy Behar,
Barbara Walters, Whoopie, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck
trying to sort through all of this, splitting the hairs.
Fr. Jonathan Morris has his work cut out for him.
George Weigel, truth?  :laughing:
(11-20-2010, 06:04 PM)Petertherock Wrote: How long Lord before you end this mess of heretic popes and the destruction of the Church from within?

Calling the Pope an heretic is not allowed on this forum.
Pope oks condoms? You people are hopeless.  ::)

Calling the Pope an heretic is not allowed on this forum.

Thank you!!!

Condoms are certainly NOT the answer to AIDS.  The statistics show that where they have pushed them the most, that is where the epidemic rages the most. The Holy Father KNOWS this!

You all should know that the media will do everything it can to discredit him.  He is not a stupid man. He is brilliant and he is holy.  And it certainly is distressing when folks on a 'traditional' forum are ready to believe what the media puts out in their quest to make him look bad. He is the Vicar of Christ on earth.  Martyrs have died defending the Pope.

“Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia, Ibi Deus”
The article I read added the qualifier "male" to the "prostitutes" quote.  This would make a world of difference, since male prostitutes almost universally sell themselves to other men.  If a gay prostitute were to use a condom in a gay sex act, then I suppose it would be "more" moral than not doing so, since the gay sex act isn't procreative anyway.

Regardless, I think that before people scream heresy it would probably be good to read the actual quote from the Holy Father and not rely on twisted media spinning.
Why is the holy father writing about male prostitutes anyway?

What's next?  A chapter on scatology?
The Joo media is at it again:

(11-20-2010, 07:57 PM)ggreg Wrote: Why is the holy father writing about male prostitutes anyway?

What's next?  A chapter on scatology?

He's not; they were interview questions posed to him.

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