Pope does not object to communion in the hand
TIA Wrote:[Image: 118_RatzingerSchutz04.jpg]

In its September 2, 2005 issue, The Tidings, the weekly paper of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, reproduced this photo in black-and-white, and printed the following caption:

"SHARED COMMUNION - Brother Roger Schutz, a minister of the Swiss Reformed Church and founder of the Taize community, receives Communion from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger at Pope John Paul II's funeral in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican April 8. Unnamed Vatican officials said that Brother Roger's reception of Communion was not foreseen and was the result of Brother Roger being seated in a group receiving Communion from Cardinal Ratzinger."

Here is evidence that Cardinal Ratzinger judges a Protestant minister worthy of receiving the Holy Eucharist.

There are several doctrinal presuppositions implicit in this act:

1) the Protestant does not need to convert;
2) he does not need to confess before receiving Communion;
3) he lives in perpetual state of grace, etc.

Such theses are clearly against Catholic doctrine. This recent picture may be a good reminder for those "conservatives" who pretend that everything that Joseph Ratzinger did or does is orthodox and wonderful. Because of this irrational attitude toward Benedict XVI, such syncophants are already being called the "papaboys" by some Italian press organs. It is also an interesting document for traditionalists to keep in mind when they expect that this Pope will promote a sincere return to Catholic tradition in the Liturgy. It seems that the sincerity of Cardinal Ratzinger follows the lines of the reforms of Vatican II, as seen in the photo.

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