Good wheat grinders?
I am new to the idea of making things with whole wheat.  Before I get started, I need a wheat grinding mill.

Does anyone know of a good product when it comes to grinding mills?  The best brand or type?

I know there's electric ones, and there's hand-crank mills.  Electric, of course, goes faster.  And hand-crank mills go slower.  Looking at a few reviews, I've found some that look like they're made cheap, while there's others that are made of iron, but have clumsy defections in their design. 

So, anyone grind wheat?  Anyone know a good wheat grinder?
I'd prefer whole wheat grinder rolls, but no restaurant ever seems to offer them and Subway wheat bread is not whole wheat.

Country Living grinder for hand crank.  If you can weld, rig up a pulley to an exercise bike.

Don't know about electric crank.

Or get the motorizer and you can always fall back to hand crank.

Country LIving mill will make fine flour.

Maybe try ebay for a used one.
I use the Wondermill Electric Grain mill and have never had any problems with it...I love it.

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