Addition to the rules

I've not been here much in recent weeks, other than to read news headlines, due to the incivility here of late and I've been particularly upset about posters insulting Popes so I am very glad to see that you're working to extinguish this behavior.  Without an "Ignore" feature (that would not show posts by posters I chose to put on "Ignore"), I've been finding it difficult to avoid such posts.  I ignore a lot of threads because of the OP but anti-Pope comments sometimes pop up in threads where I'd never have expected them.  I am very glad to learn of this new rule.

Question:  Is it now forbidden to call our current Pontiff "Papa Benedetto" as Italians do or "Papa Ratzi," which I think is an amusing and inoffensive name, a word play on "paparazzi"?  (Then again, I suppose that makes it an insult!)  I probably won't use the latter, lest someone mistake it for a slur. 

But what about "Papa Benedetto" or "Papa Bene"?

Also, is it still permissible to refer to B-16, JP-2 (or JPII), for the sake of brevity?

Any respectful nickname for the Pope such as PapaB, B16, etc., are fine.  Disrespectful ones are not fine.  All of the ones you mentioned seem fine to me.

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