Sex: Male

Age as of posting date: 25

Birthdate: 4-12-85

Patron Saint by Confirmation: Francis

Number of children: 0

Location: Connecticut, USA

Would you relocate if you met the right person?: Possibly.

EF, SSPX, both, or other? TLM preferred.

Novus Ordo if that's all there is? I suppose.

Introvert or extravert? Introvert

Keirsey personality type: Guardian-Supervisor

Ethnic heritage: Italian, Polish, French, and English

Is meeting someone of like ethnicity very important to you, just a bonus, or unimportant? Unimportant.

Is there an ideal age range for the person you'd like to marry?  Preferably within 10 years of my age.

How important is this?  Not too important

In what manner do you interpret the Church's approval of NFP?  I'm not sure.

What would the headship of the husband look like in your idea home? Co-responsible with the wife for the upbringing of the children, including their spiritual, physical, moral, and intellectual growth.  Co-responsible with the wife for money issues.  Also co-responsible with the wife for keeping the marriage in good shape and prayerful.  Singly responsible for the well-being of the wife.

How do you feel about women working outside the home?  I don't have a problem with it as long as it's not illegal or immoral work.

How do you feel about women in pants?  I prefer that they wear skirts, but I imagine that there are other considerations to keep in mind too...  Definitley a skirt and veil to Mass though.

Of the seven deadly sins (pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, anger, envy), which is the most challenging for you?  Sloth, I can be a huge procrastinator.

What would others say are your annoying habits or bothersome attributes? Stubbornness, not assertive enough, nervousness, either too chatty or too quiet, or either too serious or laughing too much.

What are the most important things you desire in a spouse?  Must be orthodox Catholic, must pray a lot, should be open to new interests and unhindered by challenges.

Things you absolutely would not tolerate in a potential spouse: Catholic heterodoxy; non-Catholic; abortionist; racist; spitefulness; the "silent treatment;" uncompromising; expensive or excessive tastes; adultery; criminal behavior; illicit drug use; immaturity; lies; insults or other verbal abuse.

What, if anything, have you learned from past relationships with the opposite sex?  I never dated before...

Political ideals: Jesus Christ as absolute monarch.

Education: BA in history, probably going to start working on a degree on accounting soon.

Employment: Would be nice.

Health: Mostly healthy and within ideal weight range.  I've had Lyme Disease and I'm cold a lot (even in hot weather).

Allergies: Amoxicillin.

Smoke? Not around me please.

Drink? I don't.

Night owl or morning lark?  Depends on when I wake up.

How messy or disorganized are you? I can be organized and neat when I really want to be.

What makes you laugh?  Witty or clever humor, abstract humor, friendly banter, unexpected humor, or just being in a really good mood.

What are the little things that please or delight you? Small animals, good music, and good conversation.

What would you like to be doing in 10 years ideally? If you continue on your present course and don't meet the person of your dreams, what do you think you actually will be doing given your gifts and goals? I'd either work to support myself and be an active volunteer in my free time, or consider a priestly or religious vocation.

Intellectual interests: Theology, natural science, history, anthropology, astronomy, language learning, music.

Hobbies: Reading, video games, baking, hiking.  I've had an interest in dance that I never pursued, and I'm always interested in trying new things that could become new hobbies.

Talents: what are you good at?  I don't seem to excel in any one thing, I tend to be pretty good at various things but not talented.

Top 5 Favorite books of all time:  I really can't think of anything...

The last 5 books you read (don't lie!). Are these books typical of you?: Gospel According to St. Matthew, Star Wars: Tales from Jabba's Palace, Star Wars: Tales from the Empire, Star Wars X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar, Star Wars X-Wing: Isard's Revenge.

The Star Wars books were hanging around in my bookshelf and I chose to reread them when I was looking for something to read while going for a walk (yes, I read while I walk).  I used to be very much into Star Wars and collected some of the books years ago.  I'm getting into the habit of reading the Bible for a short period daily, and I recently finished Matthew.

Music you actually listen to most often: Video game music, for nostalgia. 

Favorite movies/TV shows: "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World."  I don't watch TV much except for the news once in a while or to catch part of an old movie on TCM now and then.

Favorite foods: Peanut butter, seafood, spicy food.  If you put it in front of me I'll eat it.

Serious pet peeves: People who make hasty judgments about others; spitefulness; silent treatment; people who won't try anything; people who give up quickly.

Pets you have, pets you desire, pets you'd put up with: I have three dogs.  I love dogs and cats but I wouldn't mind a break from pets for a while.  No snakes, spiders, alligators, crocodiles, primates, or scorpions please.

Idea of a romantic evening: a quiet dinner and conversation.
gee daklancer i think you angered all the ladies n forum and none of them are biting!

dont worry though, once you get a job and get out of basement the ladies will be lining up  :)
Funny, it was certain forum ladies who kind of talked me into this.
Lancer, we agree on Duran Duran and peanut butter  If I start to find more similarities between us I might get a little freaked out.

Glad to see you finally made a marry me thread though, dude.
(12-08-2010, 09:29 PM)dark lancer Wrote: Funny, it was certain forum ladies who kind of talked me into this.

there still time. you find your lady yet!
Yeah for you Dark Lancer! :chleader: Your fiancee will be really angry if you pick up other women with this thread.  ;)
Lancer, I am in CT as well, where do you go to church?
I go to an NO in the Norwich Diocese.
Can I ask why? I am assuming you are a trad... and we are crazy blessed in CT by the number of Latin Masses!
I only know of one in my diocese and it's difficult to go there.

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