Outside the Magic Circle (Catholic World Report)
"Outside the Magic Circle

Tension builds between the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and orthodox Catholics.
By Dominic Scarborough

The Holy Father’s September visit to the United Kingdom was widely regarded as a great success, both as a tonic to British lay Catholics and as a wake-up call to the country’s secular society. But the visit also highlighted the tension that exists between his pontificate and what dismayed English Catholics call the liberal “Magic Circle” of bishops who make up the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales (BCEW).

Several of its number are known to be deeply opposed both to this papacy and to that of John Paul II. The first reason for this opposition is that the members of the BCEW have been largely self-selecting from a small pool of like-minded “insiders” who come through lines of patronage that can be traced back to one man, the late Archbishop Derek Worlock of Liverpool. At the Second Vatican Council, Worlock had been one of the first of the English bishops to promote a new liberal vision for the Church."



This so called Magic Circle must be destroyed if the TLM is to make a triumphant return to the Island of Saints.
Oh never mind, I misread.
Quote: "The English clergy is increasingly populated with foreign priests, young traditionalists and middle-aged ex-Anglicans, none of whom are exactly yearning to embrace the BCEW vision."

That's encouraging, make some of them bishops and scrap the BCEW.

Young Traditionalists.

Thanks be to God.  :pray:
I am virtually certain the only reason the holy father does not excommunicate this whole lot of disgusting apostates is the effect on the faithful (leaving them without the sacraments).

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