The best books of Saints for kids?
I'm looking for some suggestions for good books about the lives of Saints to give to the youngsters in my family for Christmastime.  My goddaughter is age 4.  I myself always liked the books with ornate pictures in them, not the cartoonish-looking stuff like in some books.  I have found this book online, which looks like something that would be good...

.....but I would also like to perhaps see if anyone here as some more suggestions.  Also, I found this "Saint Joseph's Childern's Missal":

Any suggestions?  Something like a series of short books on the Saints would also be very cool.  Perhaps books that as the length of "The Cat in the Hat," but cover and illustrate the life of one Saint at a time.  Is anyone aware of something like this?  Thank you in advance.
Mary Fabyan Windeatt has written a nice group of books for children about various saints.  not many pics, but very good for children and you'll enjoy reading them too.  you can purchase them individually or for $160 you can get the set of 20 from TAN books.

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