Who's gone the longest?
(12-04-2010, 03:44 AM)Scipio_a Wrote: That's not much of a set of criteria...I mean a person would basically have to live next door to a church to be able to do what you are suggesting...even pure NO attendees would never be able to pull that off....unless they're like the dork kid in skreewl who got perfect attendence every year....

I don't know -- call me the dork kid if you like, but I didn't start going to Mass regularly at all until just before Christmas last year, and since then I've missed exactly once (last Sunday, November 29), and that was because I was directing a chess tournament (again, call me a dork if you like) in another city, and there was exactly one Mass (7 AM Sunday) that I could physically get to without neglecting my tournament director duties, and that would have required a 3-mile walk (each way), and after being up until 2 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning (because the last round of the tournament didn't end until then), I overslept Sunday morning.

Other than that, I walk about 2 miles (each way) to an NO Mass every Sunday and holy day, and most weekday mornings as well, and I occasionally ride my bike (8 miles each way) to a TLM on Sunday. Even though we're in the middle of a snowstorm right now that will end up leaving about 5 inches of snow, I'm intending to do both (TLM and NO) tomorrow. I take the Sunday obligation seriously, and it would take something totally beyond my control (such as what happened last Sunday) to make me miss it.

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