Appropriate gift for godson?
Does anyone have any suggestions for a Christmas gift for a one-year-old godson? I'm new to this, and have no idea what is appropriate/expected. It is a South American family, so they actually expect me to have a religious role (go figure) in the child's life, as opposed to whatever it is most people think a godfather is... So, what do you get an infant? ???
It depends on the money. I'm sure you could find something nice at Leaflet Missal, or Gifts Catholic. There are many more on line to get a good idea for the boy.

Another thing parents of a young baby can always use are those, and I can't remember there name, sort of one piece undershirts and pants with snaps. babies at one year old can use 4,718 per day, so extras are always appreciated by harried moms and dads.

oh wao... he is very young, mmmmm the thing is that at this age is hard to give something religious that he actually can use, at least immediately

Maybe an image of one of his patrons for the wall or for the desk, or a cd with religious music to introduce him in the beauty and art (and help mom to make him sleep ?).  Oh! and they are from America del Sur?? Last time I was in a toy store I saw a little lamb that actually says the most traditional pray to the guardian angel (in Spanish of course), the toy every latin-trad would like to their prole, very nice.

Keep looking for the perfect give; my prayers for your ahijado.  :)

Perhaps a baby's or children's book with a religious subject.  Something that tells stories from the Bible with simple words and nice, colorful pictures.  My nephew/godson loved those then he was one.

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