Site downtime
This time it was down because the forum has been spiking the CPU on the shared host.  In other words, the site is growing too big for the hosting product we're using, and we'll have to upgrade in the near future.  I'll post more details about that soon.

So, for the meantime, to reduce load I got rid of the RSS feed on the main webpage (that was pulling information from the forum) and banned some spambots from the server completely.  They were banned from the forum, but they were still flooding the site trying to get in and that didn't help.

We'll see what happens over the next few hours / days.    If the site goes down again, it will mean the load is still too high, and I'll have to be more creative in reducing load.

It is wonderful that it is back.  I hope for all our sakes that it doesn't cause you any more grief.  Thanks for all your wrk to keep the site running.  :thumb:
Too big as in too many members?  This might be a good thing?  Lol.  

Either way, keep us updated.  :)

I think I speak for most folks when I say we like FE a lot.  :)

I won't miss the RSS feed on the main webpage, mainly because I always came straight here.  :)
Yep, at time the comments are infuriating to me, so I'm hooked. I find this place kind of like the town in the movie "Purgatory", every one is a deadly sinner, trying to get on and stay on the straight and narrow, to get on the stage coach to heaven , with help from all the former desperadoes. Quis is Wyatt Earp, and DK is Doc Holliday.

Thanks alot Quis...I actually got housework done was horrible...
This last downtime was absolutely brutal, I was going crazy  :pazzo:
(12-14-2010, 10:25 AM)CanadianCatholic Wrote: Thanks alot Quis...I actually got housework done was horrible...

I think that's classified as cruel and unusual punishment...

Thanks for all your hard work, Quis and Vox.  You have a real treasure here and I'd hate to lose it.  :)
Thanks for fixing the site.  :)
I also actually got work done yesterday as well! 

I sure missed this place!

I went to Cathinfo for a little while, but it just isn't the same.  I am more comfortable here.

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