Favorite mixed drink?
A black russian is 2/3 kahlua and 1/3 vodka. Yummy!
DominusTecum Wrote:
InquisitorGeneralis Wrote:
Sophia Wrote:
Quote:I like Southern Comfort w/Coke, myself


Which part do you object to?

She must be one of those gals who favors Pepsi. [Image: wink.gif]

The southern comfort part.  Gag me with a spoon.
Pepsi donates to [Image: censored.gif]planned parenthood, boycott them.
"Rolling heads" is my favourite.
Akevitt (aqua vitæ), tomato juice and cranberries.
I am not really a fan of mixed drinks and I prefer beer (or even better, good mead, the drink of warriors. )
CounterRevolutionary Wrote:I like pina coladas

"And getting caught in the rain"  lol Just kidding! I love that song and you reminded me of it!
Croppyboy Wrote:I tend to be a purist . . . so I like . . .Jameson, neat.

I also like a good dry Martini (Gin, of course) but, departing from my purism, I add a drop of Dry Vermouth (sorry Mornac).

Of course, beer (real beer) is still my favorite libation.
Purist?? You fundamentalist you![Image: fish.gif][Image: rofl.gif] 
Croppyboy Wrote:I also like a good dry Martini (Gin, of course) but, departing from my purism, I add a drop of Dry Vermouth (sorry Mornac).

I have to second you here on the importance of using gin.  The drink made out of vodka really isn't a martini.
miss_fluffy Wrote:I remember spook, but I can't tell you directly, It's a very scandalous shot!...it's a Buttery-(insert scandalous word here *think milk)  [Image: jestera.gif] 

"Nipple" isn't scandalous -- though it's a silly word for a drink LOL Someone bought me one of those before; they're reallllllllllllly sweet. I tend to like sweet-ish, but not too sweet...
Amaretto on ice (which is way too sweet for some people), or cut with soda is my all time favorite; I love almonds just about any way I can get 'em, and wish I could afford to have Amaretto around all the time!
I had my first gin fizz on St. Valentine's Day with the Captain of my heart. We made 'em with this recipe:
Quote: 2 oz Gin
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
1 tsp Powdered Sugar
Club Soda

Shake gin, juice, sugar, and ice together, and strain into a glass half full of ice cubes. Fill with club soda and stir well.
 -- another drink that is very "me" since I am into anything lemony. A limoncello with soda is good, too!
The standard Bloody Lizzie (as I prefer to call "Bloody Marys"), made with plenty of horseradish and a squeeze of lemon, served up with the requisite vegetables is hard to beat.
And who can refuse a good Margarita (or even, to get a party started, the shot of tequila+salt+lemon that has that slow burn going down)?
At the pub my husband goes to, a retired Colonel told me I HAD to have a "Mojito." The barman wasn't hip -- and didn't have the needed mint leaves, either. So the Colonel actually goes home to get mint leaves, comes back, and walks the barman through it. It was a nice, nice drink -- refreshing. Here's a recipe to make four:
Quote: Ice
6 ounces light rum
8 torn mint leaves
6 tablespoons fresh lime juice
4 tablespoons sugar
Club soda
4 slices lime
Put torn mint leaves and sugar in sturdy shaker, and smush together hard so the mint juice comes out. Place ice in shaker, then add in the rum, and lime juice. Shake well and serve over ice in a high ball glass. Top off each glass with club soda, and garnish with a slice of lime and a mint leaf.

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